Horti-Pride Cape Gooseberries in a Store Near You

Dean with trays of Cape Gooseberries, freshly picked and ready for market.

The last few months have seen rapid and exciting growth for Horti-Pride! We’re in the midst of our first ever harvest of Cape Gooseberries and gradually seeing our punnets for sale in more and more locations around Perth.

The fruit is growing splendidly and tastes amazing. Chefs around Western Australia are also showing interest in our Cape Gooseberries for their unique recipe possibilities.

So where can you get your hands on some of this delicious fruit for yourself? We’re pleased to announce a list of Perth stockists below. Enjoy!


Where to Buy Cape Gooseberries in Western Australia

You can also find our preserved products, including Gooseberry Jam, Gooseberry Paste and Dried Gooseberries at these stockists:


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