Welcome to Horti-Pride’s New Website

Horti-Pride Pty LtdLike peeling off the calyx of a freshly picked Cape Gooseberry, today’s the day we unveil our new website. Our vision is for this site to be a hub of information about Horti-Pride products, including our latest news. We want to keep it fresh, exciting and, most of all, helpful to our customers.

Discover Cape Gooseberries

To start, we invite you to read about the most underrated superfood on the market! Click here to read about the superfood properties of the Cape Gooseberry. Combine these amazing nutritional properties with a chemical-free, hydroponically grown crop and you get what we believe is a perfect fruit.

Where to Buy Horti-Pride

Check out our Cape Gooseberry stockists page to find Horti-Pride near you. We’ll keep the list up to date so you can always get your hands on our delicious golden berries!

Where to Buy

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