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Gooseberries – Perth Western Australia

Fresh Cape Gooseberries on the shelves at Bunbury Farmers Market. What a well presented fresh food market and with very efficient staff to go with!

Are you in Perth, WA and searching for Cape Gooseberries? If so, it’s our guess you’re longing for the familiar taste of your childhood. Perhaps you grew up in South Africa, where Cape Gooseberries are widely available – so much so, that some locals assume the name “Cape Gooseberry” is because the berries originate from the Cape – but that’s not the case. In fact, the berries – whose botanical name is Physalis Peruviana – are native to Peru in South America. The are also widely available in other parts of the world, but can be known by other names, including:

  • Golden Berries
  • Peruvian Ground Cherries
  • Pichuberries
  • Inca or Incan berries (this name especially applied to dried Cape Gooseberries)

Bringing Cape Gooseberries to Perth

A a South African living in Perth, Horti-Pride’s founder Dean Wakefield had a vision to start growing his favourite fruit in Western Australia. And although he had previously grown the fruit in Zimbabwe in the late 90s, this time would be different – this time, the fruit would be hydroponically grown. Now Horti-Pride is perhaps the world’s only Hydroponic Cape Gooseberry farm. The crop is growing superbly and the fruit is pristine and full of flavour.

Perth Gooseberry Locations

You can now find Horti-Pride’s Cape Gooseberries in fruit and vegetable stores around Perth – see our stockists page for more information.

Perfect Punnets of Fresh Gooseberries

When it comes to fresh Cape Gooseberries, Horti-Pride’s berry punnets are outstanding quality. Our dedicated team of pickers and packers is fastidious about the quality of every single packed gooseberry. Before packing, each berry is inspected to ensure it is the correct size, colour (indicating ripeness and sweetness), and in perfect condition without splits or damage.

Expanding the Product Range

Alongside our Perth fresh Gooseberries, we are developing a line of value-added products to be sold globally. Our current products include pastes, jams, chutneys, vinaigrettes and dried berries. We are always developing new recipe and product ideas – the possibilities are endless.

With fresh berries flying off the shelves, now’s the time to grab a punnet for yourself. Visit our stockists page. If you’re having trouble locating our Cape Gooseberries in Perth, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.