Fish Tacos with Gooseberry Salsa

Fish Tacos with Gooseberry Salsa
Original Recipe:

We love a good savoury recipe for our Cape Gooseberries! And this exciting Fish Taco recipe from Food Republic is the perfect inspiration for a delicious Cape Gooseberry meal. Click here to check it out: What Are Golden Berries? The New Taco-Friendly Superfood!

Using Cape Gooseberry in Savoury Recipes

Even though Cape Gooseberries are a fruit, they can be used an a variety of savoury recipes, just like the salsa in today’s Fish Taco recipe. Similar to a cherry tomato, you can use them raw for tartness and sourness, or cook them to mellow their flavour.

Do you have a tried and tested savoury Cape Gooseberry recipe? If so, we’d love to share it on the Horti-Pride website. Click here to share your Cape Gooseberry recipe with us.

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