Authentic Cape Gooseberry Jam – “Best Jam Ever!”

Authentic Cape Gooseberry JamDo you remember Cape Gooseberry jam from your childhood? There’s nothing quite like it – the perfect combination of sweet and sour with just the right amount of tang to brighten your breakfast or morning/afternoon tea. In pursuit of authentic Cape Gooseberry jam, our talented chefs have crafted Horti-Pride’s first Gooseberry Jam. And we are delighted to be receiving rave reviews like this one emailed to us by Monica – thank you Monica!

I recently bought a jar of your Cape Gooseberry jam from Maylands IGA and I just have to let you know it’s the best bought jam I’ve ever eaten and EXACTLY the same as my mum’s sensational homegrown homemade Cape Gooseberry jam that I grew up with!!

I don’t know what inspired you to grow this sensational fruit and make the best jam everrrrr but I will be eternally grateful. I’m off to IGA again to get more jars as prezzies.
BEST. JAM. EVER! Big thanks and all the very best with your brilliant venture. Monica

If you haven’t tried our jam for yourself, what are you waiting for? Check out Horti-Pride Cape Gooseberry Jam here.

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