Horti-Pride’s dedicated team, ready to pick Western Australia’s first hydroponically grown gooseberries.

Giddy Over Gooseberries

You could say Horti-Pride’s Directors, Dean and Kevin, are a little smitten with Cape Gooseberries! Having produced and exported these golden berries from Africa to Europe during the 1990s, Dean saw a gap in the market when he arrived in Australia. Dean recognised that the production process needed to be improved and chemical-free and so began the journey with Kevin (and with a little help from Peter!) into hydroponics.

Hooked on Hydroponics

After a few years of research and much discussion, Dean and Kevin decided to expand this trial hydroponics system to a large commercial greenhouse.

Today, Horti-Pride Pty Ltd sells fresh, hydroponically grown Cape Gooseberries that are bursting with nutrition and proudly chemical-free.