Gooseberry Goodness


Discover the little berry that packs a big punch, bursting with flavour and nutrition.

High in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and loaded with fibre and iron, we think our Cape Gooseberries might be the secret to eternal youth. Without doubt, they’re a great tasting superfood to keep you looking and feeling great.

Add some golden goodness to your day; click here to learn more about the health benefits of Cape Gooseberries.

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Horti-Pride Cape Gooseberry Punnet

Healthy Hydroponics

We nurture our babies (okay… berries!) in the happy sunshine of Western Australia. Using hydroponic systems, we bring you Cape Gooseberries that are blissfully chemical-free.

We’re just a little bit excited about our healthy hydroponic setup because it’s the first ever commercial-scale Cape Gooseberry greenhouse in Western Australia. In fact, we could quite possibly be the first-ever hydroponic Cape Gooseberry farm in the world!

Horti-Pride produce is pristine in quality, full of flavour and free of chemicals. Click here to see our hydroponic setup and learn more about us.

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